Plus Size Snow Clothing

Plus Size Snow Jacket

If Plus Size Clothing wasn’t already hard enough to find, Plus Size Snow Clothing really takes it to the next level and if you follow me on Snap or IG (@thisisashrose) it was pretty hard to miss that i spent the long weekend among a few snowflakes on Mt Buller.

When i say likely, i mean i am fairly certain my  47947343348098 snaps of every piece of snow i could locate would have made it pretty clear.  Having never seen real snow, i guess you could say i was just a little excited. But also keeping a note in the back of my mind that as it was opening weekend, there was a rather large chance it wouldn’t even be snowing!

Plus Size Snow

Of course after confirming the trip my next stop was to organize my snow clothes.  Whether it be the lack of results popping up when i googled ‘Plus Size Ski Hire’  (would i get up there and not even be able to hire snow gear?) or perhaps the innate fear about sizing as snow gear is notoriously small, but I decided purchasing my own jacket and pants was smarter.

Turns out that my googling only unearthed a mere two Australian plus size snow clothing stockists. Sadly, the remainder of search results were forums comprising of both curvy women and men deliberating over the lack of options within plus size gear.

Plus Size Snow Gear

Plus Size Snow Pants
 Luckily, one of these sites Plus Snow (here)  stocks a broad range and precisely what i was looking for, a slimline pair of black pants and a faux fur trim black jacket.
The pants sat high on the waist and slim throughout the leg without any of the bulk i noticed when looking at cheaper pieces. They sat comfortably over my snow boots and had plenty of stretch for trekking through the snow, or 4 km down the side of the mountain in the dark whilst in search of the supermarket, which was of course in fact only 200m down the road from our accommodation – whichever you prefer!
The jacket had an abundance of pockets (you need this, trust me!) and i was super snug the entire trip. The hood and waist could be adjusted in to keep even the tiniest bit of ice cold air out – in hindsight i don’t actually ever remember feeling cold.

Computer Hope

Plus Size Snow Clothing

Plus Size Snow Clothing

As luck would have it, as we were eating lunch in the local pub,  i did end up experiencing my first sighting of real life natural snow fall. Needless to say after staring longingly outside at the falling snow, with a dose of puppy dog eyes, we all headed out into the cold for a bit of snow play!

Computer Hope

Computer Hope

Outfit:- Jacket Cartel Plus Size Brooklyn Ski Jacket  Pants – Cartel Manhattan Plus Size Ski Pant Snow boots – Aldi  Day boots – ‘Harriet’ by Spendless Shoes (Size 11)

With both pieces being black, i know they will come in very handy throughout winter even when i am not at the snow. However, if your are not from Melbourne and bright is more your style the jacket also comes in a rainbow of colors here.

The rest of the trip i spent in jeans, long sleeve cotton tops, my khaki faux fur trim anorak and these camel boots that i picked up at Spendless Shoes since i couldn’t quite afford Timberlands. I was a little worried about having the synthetic fabric and sole wading through the snow, but safe to say these turned out to be a great option, as i didn’t slip (or even slide a little) once and  have since inspected the shoes and noted no water damage, although this isn’t to say it’s not possible  as they are not leather, but i happily admit that i am not exactly careful with my possessions – so they certainly received a good test run!

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  1. I went to Europe for Christmas 2015 and trying to find plus size clothing that would work in a European winter was an absolute nightmare. I ended up getting a lot of mens clothing because most places just didnt carry plus sizes 🙁
    That jacket looks super cute though and not shapeless which I find most winter jackets are.

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