Navy & Red

Computer Hope
Computer Hope
Computer Hope
Outfit:Top Striped Shirt Jacket Navy Jacket  Jeans Shape Your Body Skinny Jeans  (I am wearing a size 14)

Blazers  and lipstick are a girls best friend when they would like to appear they are succeeding at life, but are not. You know those days where you really just CBF, but have to be? Well these two items are a sure fire way to help you.

Navy and Red also happens to be one of my favorite colour combinations. Always stylish and forever timeless, this combination is really the sister (or brother?) to our favorite monochromatic palette.

About Ashley Rose

Ashley Richardson is the blogger behind the Australian curve fashion blog This Is Ashley Rose. Living in the outskirts of Melbourne, Ashley initially started This is Ashley Rose in 2012 to create a visual diary, chronicling her daily style, growing it to be one of Australia's premier curve fashion blogs since then.

9 thoughts on “Navy & Red

  1. I am so happy that over the last 1 or2 years moat of the plus size clothing are putting out just a few navy pieces. Not many but enough to manage.

    Navy is just a little more flattering for many people than black. But it still has that attitude that black screams of

    And it goes with most colours. I too love it with red but orange, other shades of blue, bright green and so many others also work brilliantly. All your jewellery and coloured jackets will probably work with your navy basics.

    An Ashley Rose led navy recovery?

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