My month of Instagram.

To follow me on Instagram search “Studded Rose Vintage”1. Taking my Zara scarf out on its first outing 2. Arm party 3. Im subscribed to 3 Vogue 4. Heading to Albury for Chrysler on the Murray 5. Early morning Melbourne 6. Photographing page at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 7. Myself and my ebay model Paige at LMFF 8. Obsessed with my ASOS spike necklace.

About Ashley Rose

Ashley Richardson is the blogger behind the Australian curve fashion blog This Is Ashley Rose. Living in the outskirts of Melbourne, Ashley initially started This is Ashley Rose in 2012 to create a visual diary, chronicling her daily style, growing it to be one of Australia's premier curve fashion blogs since then.

6 thoughts on “My month of Instagram.

    1. From what I understand music and videos take up a lot of space on your computer or electronic device and if you store them on the cloud you aren’t using that space and it is a secure site to save things on. I think this is a good idea but I woldnu’t trust personal information to the cloud is all. Thank you for posting this idea I will pass this on to my son.

    2. “there is still a massive amount of flash on the web that Android has no problem handling.” – modelmotionReally? Despite Adobe’s propaganda their i currently is not a shipping version of Flash for any smart-phone. Currently the only Flash beta works on one phone. Flash Lite is crippled so that doesn’t really count since it won’t display well know sites that support Flash.

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