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Back in the high school people hated the idea of wearing mid drift blouses. Many people broke the rules to make it a fashion statement. Now all most all curvy women are retreating the old way once again. The change is taking place because women are casting light on the fact that all of them are sexy in different ways. Plus size models are wearing multi-colored or solid dresses, and they are totally into the vibrant, colourful styles. If you are one of them and find it difficult to choose the right garment to wear this weekend, then read the following suggestions to rock yourself.

  1. Bold and straightforward royal gold and blue

You must have experienced once or quite often that people are looking at you at a party. Instead of thinking about it, try to feel good about your style which in return will make you look lovely. Wear your confidence and curves together to hit the party. You can simply wear a blue T-shirt with a leather ruffle skirt to look too attractive for words. Paint your lips with a light golden tinge, brush your eyebrows, and wash your eyelids with blue eyeshadow to go with your dress. Don’t over do it. Finally, put blue silhouettes to match with your blue top and leave for your destination.

  1. Curves, Christmas day and the sunshine

A colourful, strapless, floral printed long length dress is perfect to go on an evening date. Wear an old navy denim jacket to leave home so that the family does not think you are doing too much. Sunshine parties with a pink floral off-shoulder maxi dress just work too well if you a plus sized-curvey woman. Wear a pearl necklace that will be great to enhance the beauty of your shoulders. You can find thousands of maxi dresses online as well as jewellery online.

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