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Outfit:JumperFisherman’s Jumper Shoes Nora Canvas Flats ($8)  Jeans Shape Your Body Skinny Jeans  (I am wearing a size 14).
So whilst sitting here in my lounge room with a glass of wine in hand (inspiration purposes of course), I ask my housemate ‘Why do rolled up skinny jeans look better with sneakers?’ to which she replies ‘Because otherwise you look like a Lego character’.  Ah, yes! It all makes sense now.
You see she is completely correct, I have always found that a full length skinny jean and sneaker can look a bit block like (although i much prefer her creative description) and somehow that simple peek of skin at the ankle really does make all the difference. Trust me, if you have not tried to ‘Crop and Sneak’ as i affectionately call it, you just must do it!
Your feet will thank me. 






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Ashley Richardson is the blogger behind the Australian curve fashion blog This Is Ashley Rose. Living in the outskirts of Melbourne, Ashley initially started This is Ashley Rose in 2012 to create a visual diary, chronicling her daily style, growing it to be one of Australia's premier curve fashion blogs since then.

One thought on “Laced

  1. Ahh! I’ve felt too silly to do the skinny jean roll-up, I mean, I’m an old lady for crying out loud (!) but your explanation about “unblocking” the solidness of the jean/sneaker makes very good sense. It’s worth a go! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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