How to pick a watch for every Occasion


When you are getting dressed up for any occasion then it’s just not about the dress and shoe but it’s about the accessories as well. We all know that people are always concerned about the dress code of others.

A wrist watch is one of the important accessories which complete your dressing style and it adds decency and sophistication to the fashion. If you often feel confused when choosing the right type of watch for a specific occasion, then here are the pro tips.


A simple and elegant watch is perfect for you if you’re going to the office or going to meet up with friends. A simple and decent watch will compliment each dress and it will look sober as well.

You can choose strap watches which have a simple pattern and there are different types of colors available that you can choose from. You can also go for the chain watches as well which shouldn’t be fancy for the regular look.


At the time of getting dressed for the formal events, you should go for the trendy styles. You can’t wear regular accessories with the formal clothing because the combination is too weird to handle for the party.

You can take a look at the guide to the best apple watch bands on the market to find the best formal range. The watch you choose should be compatible with your dress. You can match the color with your shirt as well.


Parties with friends are all about the music and chilling. You don’t have to worry whether you need to go for the new dress or old but all you have to care for is the music and how you can keep yourself relax in the party.

When you are getting dressed for the part, you can choose to wear the funky accessories. You can choose watches with the different funky straps and multiple colors. With the party theme, you can choose any funky watch and it will suit your personality.


For the wedding day, you need everything special. This is the day when nobody wants to compromise. This range is going to be completely different from the rest of the events.

You need to have expensive look on your wedding day and for this purpose, you have to go for the solid watches. The watch should be big in size and should make you look prominent from others. It would be great if you look for the leather strap watches.


At the time of graduating, you are entering into the new world where you can learn new skills and look for the things which are professional and different. For this special and emotional day, you should go for decent dial watch.

You should choose the watch which has different dials in it including month and time session in a unique way. You can wear this kind of strap watches with the regular sweater and shirts as well.