The First.

An Amazing summer day out with the bestie.

Find this amazing vintage store jam packed

with goodies!

The Details:
Skirt: Thrifted
Top: Supre racer back banded singlet
Cardigan: Target
Other Bits and Bobs: Belt Glassons and necklace from Diva

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Ashley Richardson is the blogger behind the Australian curve fashion blog This Is Ashley Rose. Living in the outskirts of Melbourne, Ashley initially started This is Ashley Rose in 2012 to create a visual diary, chronicling her daily style, growing it to be one of Australia's premier curve fashion blogs since then.

5 thoughts on “The First.

  1. Oh I miss day trips like this! I want to go back to NZ!! (I know you're in Australia but I know I could have a day like this in NZ).

    Plus rolled ice cream is awesome!

  2. Hey, I really love your blog, you should keep at it! I was wondering, are you based in Melbourne or Sydney by any chance? I would like to collaborate on something with you for the City Chic blog. email me at: lippierced1 at hotmail dot com xxx

  3. I’ve always been one that doesn’t talk about “ite”..whatev.r “it” may be…with anyone. Honestly, that isn’t any improvement on the issue you posted about! I do find that a lot of times, just talking about nothing much and being silly with a friend IS helpful. Some of the best support I have gotten have been from people that think they are no help because I don’t tell them “what’s wrong”. Maybe I should post about that. :PI wrote something about a school issue (psych class) that I would love to get an opinion on, if you have a chance.Sera

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