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I feel although I’ve been waiting my entire life for the perfect thigh high boot.  Always ending up either too short, too narrow at the calf or stopping at a size 10 – i am an 11.

So when i stumbled across this pair of soft, black suede boots with a stretchy fabrication, drawstring top and wide calf/thigh (are not featured as wide calf boot though) in a size 11, i was just a little bit excited. The most exciting aspect of all of the above, since they actually fit my calf and thighs!

The ‘Flame’ are also only $59.99. Yes, the quality is not that of a designer boot, but these are a seasonal trend item, so really longevity is not that important. However, on second thought and even with saying the above, i have worn these boots out all day and had no issues, they have cleaned up well and the sole construction and seam stitching all look and feel very well done. So still a bargain in my eyes!

Next up, to locate a heeled pair of thigh high boots!

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Ashley Richardson is the blogger behind the Australian curve fashion blog This Is Ashley Rose. Living in the outskirts of Melbourne, Ashley initially started This is Ashley Rose in 2012 to create a visual diary, chronicling her daily style, growing it to be one of Australia's premier curve fashion blogs since then.

7 thoughts on “A Thigh High Boot

  1. This entire outfit is just goals but oh my gawd, those boots! I love the look and feel of thigh boots but it’s so hard to find some in the right size, you’re absolutely right! These look absolutely amazing!

    1. Kata nabil Lu pikirlah sendiri. Syukurlah belum jadi BADANRNYA..Aak tanya je…berapa sewa sebuah gerai…?. Kalau sifir mudah, katakan ; RM 250.00 sebulan x 16 buah, dah ada RM 4,000.00. Tiga bulan sahaja dahpun dapat sebuah tandas. Tiga bulan lagi dapat surau pulak..Ada lebih sikit lagi pakat-pakat buat tempat letak kereta..Tasik yang ada kat situ pakat-pakat ternak ikan MPK.ADUN kawasan tu, siapa ye..?. Kalau ada gambar kan bagus. Kesian warga Kuantan. Lu pikirlah sendiri.!

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